ZE PÉ has a long tradition of designing and crafting items for champagne trolleys, martini serving carts, chafing-dish trolleys, ouzi (roasted lamb) trolleys, cupboard trolleys for cruise lines, induction up-front cooking trolleys, induction chafing trolleys, buffet station trolleys, buffet tables, special displays and many more.

Our products are 100% made in Italy using only high quality materials having although an excellent price-quality ratio. Our products are distributed through our worldwide network of trusted and industry leading partners, witch we call friends, We proud our self having worldwide customers in the luxury hotel industry, gourmet restaurants, top cruise lines and superior catering services companies.

ZE PÉ is not a reseller, but a direct manufacturer, which means we produce everything in Italy and that we can make your personal wish come true. Customization, tailor made items, modifications, OEM production and in general bespoke products are our specialty.

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